Female, born late ’80s/early ’90s and raised in Northern California with brief sojourns outside the state for college and country for early-20s adventure-havin’.

In real life I work full-time during the school year (not a teacher, though) and am in graduate school part-time online for something only tangentially related to the content of this blog.

This Blog:

I’ve derived a great deal of enjoyment from both music and writing since I was a kid, when badness was adorable instead of pathetic. Somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16 I must have learned shame extremely well, though, because now the thought of seriously pursuing them gives me a panic attack.

Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, calls it Resistance, “the most toxic force on the planet,” and declares that it must be overcome. Derek Sivers says this is a sign that these things are worth pursuing.

After spending a year or so dipping my toes in, I decided in January of 2017 to do just that. This blog is an effort to keep me disciplined about it.