Taming monkeys and un-ickying items.

Some months ago while looking up completely unrelated things for work, I came upon Tim Urban’s popular blog post Why Procrastinators Procrastinate and its follow-up How to Beat Procrastination. It’s resonated with a lot of people, and with good reason. He might as well have been describing my entire life.

I’ve been finding myself in a familiar rut these past few weeks. It’s the kind of rut where I love taking in other’ creations and reading about the art of creating, but create very little myself. Receiving those revision notes from my friend on my novel draft gave me enough fuel to power through some preliminary revisions and put some vague notes on how to proceed in the margins, but with no real objective in sight I set the whole thing aside and nearly forgot about it.

To put it in Tim Urban’s terms, my goals have gotten icky.

When I finished that second draft in December I had a specific goal and a specific due date, and I think that’s how the thing even got finished at all. This coming week I’m going to work on un-ickying my goals and finding the starting point to achieving them.


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